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Irene Ardenstedt
Chief Financial Officer

Irene is responsible for fund financials and reporting as well as compliance and risk. Irene joined Luminar 2020, after several years working at Deloitte as a business management consultant and auditor, working closely with a differentiated client portfolio, specializing in financial strategy and processes.


Irene holds a degree in Economics and Business administration from the Stockholm Business School.

Magnus Bergman
Co-Founder and General Partner

Magnus has made over 30 seed investments in the past 10 years making him one of the most experienced tech angel investors in Sweden. Magnus was the first investor in Truecaller and was an early stage investor in Prezi, Soundtrap, Karma, and others.


Before his investing career, Magnus founded Parallel Consulting Group, which he sold to Icon Medialab.


Magnus has a Ph.D. in Physics at INPT, Toulouse, and a post-doctoral research position at NADA, KTH, Stockholm

Louise Hagen

Louise joined Luminar in 2021 after 12 years at Axel Johnson where she worked across strategy, business development and M&A, both in the Nordics and the United States.


Over the past several years, Louise has served as the chief executive of D-Ax, Axel Johnson's digital investment arm, where she led investments in companies such as Matsmart, Hedvig, Loop54 and many more.


Louise started her career in consulting at Bain & Co, and holds an MSc in Economics & Business from the Stockholm School of Economics

Reid Jackson
Investment Manager

Reid is a serial founder and the former CEO of several startups, in social media and urban mobility. Born in NYC and raised in London, he started building mobile and web apps as a teenager, before attending the University of Pennsylvania, studying Political Science and Engineering Entrepreneurship.


Reid worked for two VC firms in the US, SeventySix Capital in Philadelphia and Ridge Ventures in San Francisco. He then built out the London operations for OpenOcean, a Helsinki-based VC fund. He has led or worked on seed and Series A deals in the US, UK and Finland, including SafeGraph, PassFort and Cambri.


He moved to Stockholm in 2021 to join Luminar.

Daniel Karsberg

Daniel joined Luminar right as Jacob and Magnus founded the firm, and has been responsible for several investments including Mindler, Turbotic, Petbuddy Group and Albacross. Daniel joined Luminar from Creathor Venture, where he had led the firm's Nordic operations.


Daniel had previously worked with growth and internationalization at iZettle, and prior to that he spent several years advising technology companies in Europe and the US.He holds Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering as well as Industrial Engineering and Management from Chalmers University of Technology.

Jacob Key
Co-Founder and General Partner

Jacob had made close to 20 early stage investments as an angel investor prior to starting Luminar, in companies such as Challengermode, Gavagai, Unacast and FirstVet - and had three successful exits to date in Sportamore, Vera&John and Vetzoo.

Jacob helped lead Global Business Development at Warner Music, where he was paramount in the transformation of the music industry through strategic partnerships with companies such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Tidal and others. Jacob previously founded Mediatude and Globalmouth, two mobile technology companies.

Jacob holds a Master in Industrial Engineering and Management at University of Technology Chalmers.

Eira Tobrand
Investment Analyst

Eira joined Luminar in 2022 as a part of the investment team but also supporting the CFO practice. She spent the last five years in the U.S. achieving her bachelors in Economics and Business Administration, Finance at California State University, Fullerton, while on a scholarship for Division 1 tennis.


During her last two years in California, she was an investment analyst and portfolio manager for her university’s Titan Capital Management program and undertaking leadership positions in various other investment programs.

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