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Welcome to our evaluation

You're here because we want to learn more about you and your startup. Get to know our evaluation process and the materials we need to assess an opportunity.
Step 1:

Share your pitch deck in advance of the call, and select a convenient time to meet with our investment manager.

Step 2:

During the intro call, we will typically request your financial model (with assumptions that can be adjusted to project growth in various scenarios), your cap table, and market research reports that help to quantify the size of the opportunity. Upload those materials here:

Step 3:
All-hands meetings

As we progress with our evaluation, it's imperative that every member of our investment team meets with every founder and director of your startup. Before proceeding to the next step, you must all meet Jacob, Magnus, Daniel, Louise and Reid, ideally in an all-hands group meeting.

Step 4:
Agreeing on a plan

We think about pre-seed and seed VC rounds in the context of how much a startup actually needs to reach a large Series A round from a new investor. Together with your team, we will use your financial models to calculate how much money the company should raise, and the status of the product and traction to assess dilution and valuation.


Within this framework, we can agree a term sheet with founders in a quick, straightforward and transparent way. After signing a term sheet with you, we begin our confirmatory due diligence process.

Cap table
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